1860s - Gibraltar - Photographs by James Hollingworth Mann - George Washington Wilson and Co.
Rosia View of Bay and San Roque Hulks in the Bay Rock from San Roque Buena Vista The New Mole
Governor's Cottage Buena Vista Barracks Signal Station Europa Advance Battery Jumper's Bastion Lover's Walk
The Old Mole Main Street Bleak House South Port Moorish Castle Land Port
Gardiner's Battery The Town Looking North Gibraltar from Algeciras View from the South Mole Looking South from the South Mole Gibraltar from Campamento
Gibraltar from San Felipe Gibraltar from San Felipe Grand Parade Grand Parade North Front Alameda Gardens
South Barracks Old Mole and Waterport Old Mole and Waterport Gibraltar from Santa Barbara Line Wall Town towards the North
The New Mole Rock from the Cork Woods Casemates Casemates View from the Lighthouse Lover's Walk
Casemates Barracks Catalan Bay looking South Hanover Battery Bayside Barrier Catalan Bay Barracks San Dunes above Catalan Bay
Lover's Walk Casemates and Old Town North Front Cemetery Sandpits and St Joseph's Europa Flats The New Mole
Governor's Cottage Europa Advance Battery Town and Bay View from Windmill Hill Barracks North Front Cemetery